What I think about relevance.

  WHAT IS RELEVANT? What is staying relevant? Better yet, how does one stay relevant? I believe relevance is subject to each person’s mindset because, it is all relative… Being relevant is reading a breadth of topics you believe in and find interesting. It provides continuous learning and personal development. Discovering the ins and outs of interesting […]

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Cape Town 2016

Back to South Africa! I was beyond excited to return after having lived there 3 years ago. I typically try to visit new countries each time I travel as my wish list gets longer but Cape Town is a place I will return every chance I get for the rest of my life. The people are what make it […]

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“What is it that you fantasize about? Desire supports crazy fantasies.” David Gale

Dreams are driven by ambition. Fantasies are driven by desires. World peace? Do you fantasize about international fame? Do you fantasize about winning a Pulitzer Prize? Or a Nobel Peace Prize? Or An MTV Music Award? You get Lacan’s point. Fantasies have to be unrealistic…because the moment…the second…that you get what you seek…you don’t…you can’t […]

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